Almega Express: Swedish employment law - Svensk arbetsrätt på engelska

Almega can now offer this half-day course about Swedish employment law in English!

This course will give you:

When employing:

  • an overlook of terms and conditions when employing – work time, notice periods, vacations and more
  • knowledge of rules, limitations and rights
  • review of various forms of employment

During employment:

  • knowledge about Swedish trade unions: why, when and how to consult with them
  • sickness, parental leaves and other leaves – we show you how to manage them
  • important tools for managing performance issues

Termination of employment:

  • a revision of how to handle different kinds of terminations: dismissals due to personal reasons and redundancy, summary dismissal and more

There will also be time for discussion and questions!

Who is this course for?
Those working as HR managers/ specialists, or those who work with employment law matters and want to learn more about Swedish employment law

This is a half-day course

This course provides you with material you can take with you and return to for a fresh up in your everyday work life!

Members - 1000 sek excl vat/ Non members - 2500 sek excl vat.